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Study in Germany - Step Into The World Of Opportunities

International students who decide to study in Germany will enjoy a variety of advantages, including no tuition costs, an affordable education of the highest caliber, and many more.

How StudentInGermany can help

We will help you choose the ideal degree, tell you of the best course options, and handle all the paperwork as your trusted partner.

Study Bachelors In Germany

By giving you a variety of options, we assist you in choosing the course for your bachelor's studies and enrolling in your foundation program.

Study Masters In Germany

For students in Germany seeking for a master's degree or postgraduate program, we offer top-notch assistance. Sign up and enroll right away!

Medical Licensure For Doctors

After receiving their MBBS or BDS, doctors in Germany who wish to pursue a medical degree or specialized training may do so.

Foundation Course

We facilitates foundation courses / preparatory programs for bachelor studies

Medical Licensure For Nurses

Nurses that are interested in enrolling in a PG program in Germany or earning a medical license

Post Arrival Support

With university admission, blocked account opening, insurance, visa applications, pre-departure orientation, and post-arrival support, we serve students in Germany.

Application Process

We will help you choose the ideal degree, tell you of the best course options, and handle all the paperwork as your trusted partner.
Provide Your Information
StudentInGermany will evaluate your eligibility and provide you with end-to-end support in obtaining admission to German universities if you wish to pursue undergraduate, graduate, or master's-level studies. StudentInGermany supports medical professionals who have completed their MBBS, BDS, or nursing degrees and are wishing to specialize or obtain a medical license to practice in Germany.
Our Expert Counsellors Will Guide You On The Process
Once you have given us the pertinent information outlined in Step 1, our admission coordinator or counsellor will call you to walk you through the entire admissions process, including prospects, application requirements, language requirements, financial requirements, and additional requirements like blocked accounts and insurance as well as pre- and post-arrival orientation and assistance in Germany. You can schedule your classes and let us know when to begin your application.
Sign Up With StudentInGermany
For the application procedure to begin, you must first register with StudentInGermany. Once we have all the necessary paperwork and the necessary money, we will begin processing your application. Your appropriate fee will have been negotiated with you by the individual counselor we have assigned to you, as described in the previous phase. To enable us to direct you down the appropriate path Our knowledgeable and experienced staff of counselors will assist you at every stage of the procedure or they can take full control of the admissions / application process and offer you flawless coordination.

Services We Provide

We will help you choose the ideal degree, tell you of the best course options, and handle all the paperwork as your trusted partner.

Universal requirements

You must fulfill the eligibility requirements and other conditions in order to enroll in a German institution. The requirements for admission vary depending on the course. The most important need is that Germany should acknowledge your prior education.

One can be admitted to the university directly based on recognition status, final test scores, etc., or if the entrance requirements are not reached, one can be admitted via an indirect pathway that requires compensatory additional studies or activities. To enter a German higher education institution, there are various options.