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Universities in Germany are renowned for providing top-notch instruction and offering a broad range of programs covering all study subjects, from the arts to healthcare, from architecture to aerospace.In Germany, there are many different institutions offering a wide variety of courses.

No matter if you have already attended a higher education institution or have just graduated, StudentInGermany works closely with knowledgeable recruitment counselors to assist you in finding complete and up-to-date information on international programs at German institutions of higher education, along with the guidance on how to apply for financial assistance, make accommodations, submit a visa application, and other necessary services.

After successfully completing your degree program, Germany will give you a world-class higher education and credentials that are recognized by businesses and academia all around the world.

We will assist you in selecting the best university for you out of the more than 400 colleges and universities in Germany! And even more essential, our extraordinary support will encourage students to excel during their time studying in Germany!

Why Choose StudentInGermany?

We provide end-to-end process coordination for making your journey effortless and efficient

Admission Management

Receive a thorough evaluation to determine your chances of being admitted to a university.

Medical Insurance

Select from the largest selection of reputable suppliers, insurance packages necessary for your profile, and travel requirements.

Accommodation Planning

Depending on your personal preferences, convenience, and location, there are several high-quality possibilities for student housing.

Well documentation

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Blocked Account

To support your applications, Hassel free student blocked account opening and processing

Services in Germany

Support for post-arrival processing and services in the form of ongoing assistance and direction


Student career counseling and advice that is specifically tailored to meet their needs and expectations. specialists in the field of higher education with at least five years of experience and other specialities to support

Course Selections and Admissions

Coordinators give a lot of assistance during the course selection and admissions processes. StudentInGermany has strong relationships with over 400 universities in Germany and offers a huge selection of courses.

Visa Assistance and Documentation

Experienced document experts and visa coordinators to provide full support

Post Arrival Support

Personalized help with planning your trip, accommodations that suit your needs, post-arrival direction, and ongoing support