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Why should you choose Germany

Germany is currently the fourth most popular country for international students and has the fourth-strongest economy in the world. German universities draw students from all over the world because of the reputation of German degrees for offering high-quality education and learning opportunities.

Employers globally place a high value on degrees from German universities. Germany is a desirable country to study in.

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What Makes Germany Unique For Studies?

Nearly every academic area has a long and remarkable tradition of success stories, in Germany and beyond, because the German-speaking population has been an integral part of the world’s greatest creations in both the arts and sciences. Additionally, as of October 2012, Germany removed all tuition costs for both domestic and foreign students, providing free internationally recognized degrees for all aspiring students. You now know where to go for a study abroad program.

The absence of tuition fees is just one of the numerous advantages of studying in Germany, though. Let’s go through all the benefits that studying in Germany has to offer for foreign students.

Benfits of studying in Germany

Studying in Germany gives you the chance to live in a nation that appreciates diversity and culture while simultaneously receiving a top-notch education and enjoying one of the most stable economies in Europe. You can acquire a degree of the highest caliber while studying abroad in Germany and enjoying all the benefits of living in such a wealthy nation.

Become a global citizen

Studying abroad offers the chance to experience the geography, museums, and landmarks of your host country. It also helps students develop their language and intercultural skills, which will benefit them in the future during their professional careers and personal development. Studying in a foreign nation from your home country gives you the chance to learn more about who you are, how to adjust to different circumstances, and how to overcome problems. Being by yourself in a strange environment can be intimidating at times, but it can help you develop stronger personal qualities.

Public & Private Universities

Prospective students have a wide range of study programs to choose from, including many fields of interest, subjects, and academic levels for undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral studies in any economics, social, natural scientific, technical, or fields of art and literature, with more than 400 state-accredited universities and about 20,000 degree programs. While colleges of applied science, the arts, or music are more practically focused, technical institutions offer courses with a greater emphasis on scientifically oriented studies in a variety of subjects. Private institutions help students with international professors, supervised exchange programs, hands-on projects, etc. while charging tuition fees between 2,500 and 10,000 euros per semester. Public and state-owned universities do not charge tuition.

Huge array of study Programs

German universities have a huge number of courses that are multidisciplinary and allow you to specialize in any field of study you are enthusiastic about. The next step is to choose your course from a variety of options, such as degrees in teaching, economic sciences and law, engineering sciences, humanities and social sciences, language and cultural studies, mathematics, and natural sciences. Other options include agricultural and forest sciences, arts, music, and design. By 2019–2020, German universities will provide more than 20,000 programs.

Explore the countless educational options and wide range of specializations that Germany has to offer!

Excellence in Teaching & Research

German universities are among the top in the world thanks to their exceptional teaching and research possibilities. If you choose not to pursue a career in Germany, you will not only graduate with a degree of international repute but also ensure that there is no gap between the education you obtained and the field’s most recent advancements. This will provide you excellent employment opportunities worldwide.

Germany offers all of these chances, with the additional bonus of a significantly more encouraging educational environment. Since 2005, the German federal government has heavily invested in enhancing Germany’s reputation as a center of higher education, giving you more options to advance your knowledge and other skills.

Practice oriented studies

Germany’s universities of applied science are distinguished by their emphasis on hands-on learning and application. Modern academic programs are offered by German institutions, which follow practice-oriented study and are in high demand. In order for the study programs to integrate theory and practice, universities collaborate with a variety of businesses and organizations. By bridging the theory and practice gaps, this enables the student to grasp the field in context to the real-life applications, preparing them to enter the workforce after graduation.

No University Tuition Fee

German public colleges do not charge any tuition because the German government subsidizes them heavily or finances most of them. Some master’s programs, however, may have a tuition fee even when bachelor programs are tuition-free. If there are tuition fees, they will probably be significantly lower than average when compared to comparable study abroad destinations in Europe. This depends on the country, the institution, or the kind of university you intend to attend. All students at public colleges must pay a baseline price each semester known as a “semester ticket,” which entitles them to free use of any kind of public transportation recognized by the network. Additionally, it frequently provides discounts, for instance, in theaters, parks, and various stores. The students can reduce their personal spending thanks to this!

Life in the country

Deutschland, or Germany, is a safe place to reside when compared to other nations. Beyond free education, Germany has a lot to offer its citizens. Germany’s level of living is higher than that of the majority of other nations since it is one of the most economically stable nations. It also entails a better way of life in addition to safer and cleaner cities. You may move around without any hassle whether you are in a city or the countryside, during the day or at night. Germany also offers a secure political and economic environment, making it the ideal destination for you to live even after you finish your studies.

German Government Support

GERMAN GOVERNMENT supports foreign students in many ways:

German University Support

Across 400+ universities in Germany, international students have more are 21,000 course choice